Noise and vibration solutions for HVAC from AMC-Mecanocaucho

AMC-Mecanocaucho is a specialist manufacturer and designer of anti vibration
mountings for the reduction of vibrations in multiple applications. A pioneer
in this product segment, AMC-Mecanocaucho has been meeting the vibration
isolation needs of the market since 1969.

AMC-Mecanocaucho offers a broad range of anti vibration mounts specifically
designed for HVAC equipment isolation. These supports are manufactured using
rubber, springs or a microcellular polyurethane material specially created for
vibration isolation called Sylomer.


All machines, by virtue of their design have reciprocating or rotating
parts, creating vibration to some degree through the imbalance of the moving
parts. This vibration can impact the machine’s performance and lifespan through
part wear; additionally, the transmission of this vibration to other
non-insulated adjacent structures also creates problems.

AMC-Mecanocaucho offers different types of anti-vibration mounts that can
address these problems. Each anti-vibration mount solution is recommended to
the client by the company after considering key machine data including weight,
mount positions, type of machine, centre of gravity, and frequency of

AMC-Mecanocaucho’s proposed solutions are based on various types of anti-vibration
mounts including AMC BRB, AMC BSB and AMC DRD mounts (rubber-metal solution),
AMC Vibrabsorber mounts (spring mounts solution), and Sylomer and FZ + Sylomer

Quality control

AMC-Mecanocaucho is an ISO 9001 certified company by DET NORSKE VERITAS
DNV. The company is also officially approved by NATO as a NCAGE 0230B-compliant

The quality control process also includes the use of rheometrical instruments
as well as extensometers, dynamometers and durometers to analyse rubber curing
properties. Elastical properties are measured using several axial and radial dynamometers
as well as with a servo-hydraulic dynamic test bench from Instron-Schenck.

Fatigue and endurance tests

AMC-Mecanocaucho has certificates from external laboratories that have
tested gearbox mountings to assess the alteration of stiffness properties
during a representative lifecycle of a wind turbine. Instron-Schenck servo-hydraulic
dynamic test benches are also used to measure stiffness variation for generator
mountings during a representative lifecycle of a wind turbine.


AMC-Mecanocaucho offers traceability of the finished goods for customers
with rheometrical tests linked to each batch of production, which allows the
vulcanisation properties of the rubber mix used to be verified.

Foundry castings can incorporate the date of manufacturing and finished
goods can incorporate a serial number, allowing AMC-Mecanocaucho to check
stiffness values of the mounts as well as other complementary information.

AMC engineering services

AMC-Mecanocaucho determines the appropriate anti-vibration solutions for
each application by considering machine data such as weight, mount positions,
type of machine, centre of gravity, and frequency of excitation among other

After studying the specific needs for the client’s application and the isolation
performance required, AMC-Mecanocaucho can even customise a new design if
standard products are not suitable.

Customers can benefit from AMC-Mecanocaucho’s proven expertise in measuring
noise and vibration to create optimum solutions to specific problems, helping
them reduce machine-produced emissions of noise and vibrations.

AMC-Mecanocaucho’s range of
products for HVAC equipment:

BRB, BSB and DRD mounts

These mounts work the rubber in shear and compression. Thanks to their tall
height section that produces large deflections, AMC-Mecanocaucho’s BRB, BSB and
DRD mounts achieve low natural frequencies and excellent vibration isolation

FZ + Sylomer mounts

AMC-Mecanocaucho FZ mounts comprise of two metal parts surrounded by the
Sylomer polyurethane compound that offers a high isolation capacity with a
small static deformation in all medium-high frequency range. An interlocking
metal component in the mount provides failsafe protection. The Sylomer polyurethane
compound is oil-resistant and the operating temperature range of the FZ mounts
is -30¡C to +70¡C.

Vibrabsorber + Sylomer mounts

These mounts are capable of isolating vibrations of very low

VSR + Sylomer mounts

Available in a natural frequency of 2-5 Hz, these mounts are
manufactured using steel springs that can provide very high deflections up to
50mm. The base plate is glued to a 12.5mm Sylomer pad to avoid sliding and
improve the isolation of the element, mainly at mid-high vibration frequencies
that could be transmitted by the spring coil. The still spring coating provides
excellent properties. The varying maximum load capacities of the mounts are
identified by different colours.


Recommended for applications requiring high isolation, the steel spring
combined with the Sylomer pad provides excellent isolation for low, medium and
high frequencies. These mounts are particularly ideal for rotating machinery in
buildings including air-conditioning systems, fans, ventilators, compressors,
pumps and generating sets.

Anti-seismic spring mounts

These spring mounts incorporate an anti-seismic device to protect the
spring from earthquakes.

Vibrabsorber + Sylomer:

Hangers solutions

These spring type mounts are suitable for ducts and air conditioning
units set into ceilings, and share the characteristics of the Vibrabsorber spring
range mounts. The range includes SRB and SRS types in a natural frequency of
3-5 Hz; VT type in a natural frequency of 5-11 Hz; and Akustic + Sylomer in a
natural frequency of 10-13.6 Hz.

Levelling anti-vibration mounts:

TSR + Sylomer

These mounts add the benefits of Sylomer material to the typical levelling
mount. Trapezoidal support kits are also available for levelling anti-vibration

Simple mounts for air
conditioning internal components:

Mecanocaucho bobbins

The AMC-Mecanocaucho bobbins are particularly suitable for installation
on small motor pumps, motor ventilators, driers, sieves, compactors, washing
machines, electrical motors, onboard control panels, measuring apparatuses,
control cabinets, microphones and fluorescent tubes among others.

AMC Snubbers for seismic

These mounts are designed for use in locations subject to earthquakes or
other external forces that are likely to displace equipment. The two models,
AMC Snubber + CB and AMC Snubber + Sylomer are designed to limit lateral and
vertical machine movements.

FZH + Sylomer mounts

By installing elastical mounts embedded in the concrete floating floor,
the facility can avoid structure borne noise. AMC-Mecanocaucho FZH type mounts
incorporate a polyurethane elastomer called Sylomer, which offers optimal
elastic and mechanical properties for the application.

The AMC-Mecanocaucho FZH type mounts can be manufactured using different
densities of Sylomer to match the natural frequency required on the specific application.

AMC-Mecanocaucho is represented in Australia by Vibration Solutions.

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