New X-ES single board computers based on Intel Xeon D processors

Extreme Engineering
Solutions (X-ES) has followed up the release of their first single board
computers (SBCs) based on the Intel Xeon D-1500 family of processors in 2015, with
the launch of an industry-leading portfolio of embedded Xeon D products.

The new embedded
single board computers offer a feature-rich computing solution that is
well-suited to a broad range of industries and applications, from challenging
industrial environments to rugged defence deployments.

Reduce project risk with proven Intel Xeon D solutions

Intel Xeon D
processor boards from X-ES encompass a wide range of functionalities in both
standard and custom form factors, including 3U VPX, 6U VPX, and COM Express. To
date, the company has delivered at least one unit for each of 16 Xeon D
processor-based products, in over 90 distinct configurations. This portfolio
includes a number of complex designs with features such as dual mezzanine
support and integrated FPGAs.

Keeping pace with
strong demand from the defence and aerospace sectors, X-ES continues to
introduce new products and features to the Xeon D line-up.

Xeon D targets the high-performance embedded market

The Intel Xeon
D-1500 processor family (formerly Broadwell DE) offers a combination of
performance and reduced power consumption optimised for compute-intensive
embedded applications. It removes the graphics support often seen in the Intel
Core i7 series of processors, leaving more chip resources dedicated to raw
compute and allowing up to 16 Xeon-class cores in a single, power-efficient
System-on-Chip (SoC) package.

Xeon D is also the
first Intel processor with native extended temperature support, a key
requirement for many defence and aerospace applications. Xeon D processors with
up to 12 cores are rated by the manufacturer for an operating temperature range
of -40¡C to 85¡C.

Rugged and secure implementations

Engineered to
withstand environmental extremes, the Xeon D SBCs from X-ES are built rugged
with features including Class III printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies to
improve reliability across temperature variations; mounting holes positioned to
minimise the effects of vibration; and hybrid copper and aluminium heat frames
that optimise thermal performance while reducing overall weight. All X-ES SBCs
undergo thermal and structural qualification in accordance with MIL-STD-810F

For applications
that require maximum data and information protection, X-ES offers several Xeon
D SBCs with integrated SecureCOTS technology. These SBCs pair the Xeon D
processor with a security SoC or FPGA capable of hosting custom functions to
protect the data from being modified or observed.

The XPedite7672 3U
VPX SBC and XCalibur4646 6U VPX SBC implement SecureCOTS functions with a
Microsemi SmartFusion2 security SoC. Both include multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet
and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces as well as XMC support.

The XPedite7674 3U
VPX SBC and XCalibur4643 6U VPX SBC implement SecureCOTS functions with a
Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA. This FPGA boasts low-power, high-performance DSP
capabilities, making it ideal for applications such as radar and sonar
processing and signals intelligence. The XPedite7674 and XCalibur4643 both
include multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces as well as
XMC support.

COTS systems enable rapid deployment

For lower costs and
faster deployment, 3U VPX modules based on the Xeon D processor can be
installed in a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) rugged chassis from X-ES’
popular XPand6200 Series. These sub-_ ATR systems have a lightweight two-slot
design that incorporates the latest power-saving and performance-enhancing

X-ES is represented
in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics.

For further
information, please visit the Metromatics website, or call (07) 3868-4255.

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