New WPMZ series digital panel meters for rotation, speed and flow rate measurements

Bestech Australia has introduced a new range of two-channel input
digital panel meters that address issues such as complicated operation and
hard-to-read displays in previous meters. The new WPMZ series digital panel
meters are designed to provide rotation, speed and flow rate measurements.

New features in the WPMZ series include a 2.4-inch TFT full-colour LCD
display allowing simultaneous display of two channels; and a user-friendly menu
for settings making it easy to select from display values, bar graphs and trend
graphs for quick analysis.

The WPMZ series consists of the WPMZ-5 and WPMZ-6 models, with both
meters featuring an input frequency range of 10mHz to 500kHz for single channel
input, and up to 250kHz for two-channel input. A response speed of 25ms ensures
smooth operation and fast feedback.

Designed to provide rotation and speed measurements, the WPMZ-5 can be
connected to a number of sensors including magnetic speed sensors, photo-electronic
sensors, slit sensors and rotary encoders. For instance, it can be used to control
the rotation in a delivery roll and pull roll conveyor belt system by measuring
rotation speed.

The WPMZ-6 digital panel meter provides instantaneous and integrated
flow rate measurements with a maximum sampling rate of 100 times/second for
analogue inputs. It can be used to stabilise the mixing process by monitoring the
flow rate difference between two different liquids. 

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