New ways to carry out onsite maintenance

PT Hydraulics Australia has launched a new product that allows onsite maintenance
to be executed quickly and economically.

Onsite maintenance can be a very time-consuming process, particularly if
there are no test points installed at the site. PT Hydraulics’ new serv-Clip
offers a range of pipe measuring points and sensors suitable for tubes operating
at pressures up to 630Bar (9100 PSI).

When fitted to pressurised or non-pressurised systems in approximately three
minutes, serv-Clip can be used on 10-65mm tubes in working temperatures from
-40¡C to +120¡C.

The serv-Clip is simply screwed onto a cleaned pipe or tube surface, and
requires no LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) or the tubing to be cut. Once securely
attached to the tube, a specially shaped steel needle is inserted through the
wall of the tube above the screw head. The screw head is screwed back slightly
to reveal a small contained hole allowing the pressure to be analysed
immediately without interrupting the hydraulic system operation.

Delivering a completely leak-proof system, which also eliminates any possible
contamination of the hydraulic fluid, the serv-Clip, once installed, can be
left in place for future maintenance without compromising the operational
safety or integrity of the hydraulic system.

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