New USB fibre optic sensors released

Applied Measurement Australia announces the release of the new USB fibre
optic sensors from Philtec designed for the measurement of distance,
displacement and vibration.

Featuring a very small size sensor tip, the USB powered micro DMS sensors
are non-contact fibre optic sensors that can be adapted to a broad range of
applications where the advantages of fibre optics make them the best choice to
solve the measurement problem.

Philtec USB fibre optic sensors are commonly used in extreme
environments such as the inside of mechanisms; cryogenic environments; high
electrical fields; hazardous environments; high magnetic fields; high
temperatures; high pressures; submerged in oils, water, or other fluids; and vacuum.

Weighing just 145 grams, the new Philtec USB fibre optic sensors have a data
sampling rate of 16 KHz maximum.

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