New ultra low power Wi-Fi accelerometer with data logger

Bestech Australia has introduced a new range of ultra low power wireless
accelerometers featuring a built-in data logger for various monitoring and
measurement applications. The new BeanDevice Wilow AX-3D is an ULP
(Ultra-Low-Power) Wi-Fi accelerometer dedicated to wireless structural health
monitoring, condition monitoring, dynamic measurement on rolling stock, and
vibration analysis.

Most wireless sensors in the market are not built for use in harsh
industrial environments. The BeanDevice Wilow AX-3D integrates an innovative
antenna diversity design to boost radio link quality in environments subject to
random and diverse disturbances. The antenna diversity feature improves the
quality as well as reliability of a wireless link by 30 per cent.

Key features of BeanDevice Wilow AX-3D Wi-Fi accelerometers include an
on-board shock sensor with SSD (Smart Shock Detection) technology allowing users
to trigger both data acquisition and device wakeup on a shock threshold; smart
energy management system (USB and Energy Harvesting) allowing the device to be
powered from the internal Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery, USB power bank or
directly from a solar panel; and Store and Forward+ lossless data transmission
mechanism enabling large-scale deployment of Wilo wireless sensors on
industrial applications with critical data transmission requirements.

The BeanDevice Wilow AX-3D is built ready for IoT (Internet of Things)
applications; the integrated MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) data
frame, a lightweight and open-source Internet of Things protocol, allows users to
quickly set up an affordable and scalable IOT application.

Key features and benefits of BeanDevice Wilow
AX-3D wireless accelerometers also include the capacity to store up to 5
million data logs; very low noise operation (45 µg/‚àöHz for the ±2g version); waterproof
(IP67/Nema 6) and lightweight aluminium casing (65x59x35mm, 220g); ultra-low
power mode (60 µA in sleep mode); and tiny Radome Omni antenna enabling a maximum
wireless range of 200 metres.

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