New tech aiding in-field work with ‘speech to text’ conversion applications

Most inspections typically require the inspector to take notes and
record the results of the inspection. In addition to the time-consuming hassle for
the inspector, it can also be frustrating for office staff to decipher poor
handwriting or written paper comments when making the inspection report.

These hassles can be resolved by replacing handwriting in the field with
speech-to-text conversion.

Paperless inspection applications in the market today allow for
checklists and other forms in the office to be aligned to Australian and International
Standards or any legislation, or even to suit business specifications. The
completed checklist can be electronically sent to a mobile device such as a smartphone,
tablet or iPad.

With most modern mobile devices supporting a voice-to-text or speech
recognition application, the inspector simply has to speak into the device for
their comments to be immediately converted to text in the paperless form. The
speech-to-text function also eliminates data entry errors in the field.

Additionally, built-in cameras in the mobile devices allow field
inspectors to take photographs to support their inspection report. The paperless
inspection application also aligns the photo with the relevant question, eliminating
any confusion back at the office on matching each picture to the corresponding inspection

Modern tablets and smartphones virtually remove the need for extensive
paperwork in the field. Features such as voice-to-text, camera, internet
access, ability to read barcodes and RFID tags, and rugged design, all provide
the basis for a quicker, easier and more accurate field assessment process and
electronic data collection.

Businesses that continue to employ paper systems for field reports or
logbooks are only doubling the cost of the administrative work required to send
a completed report to a client, since the data gathered in the field needs to
be re-entered into a database or a spreadsheet back at the office.

Using a smart mobile device and the speech-to-text function, inspectors
can collect data once in the field, electronically send it back via the
standard wireless 3/4G mobile network, and let the software integrate the
results, photos and comments into a final report that can be sent to stakeholders
via email or web access.

Given the ready availability of hosted/cloud computing technologies,
companies no longer need to invest in extensive IT infrastructure,
substantially reducing the cost to support the mobile workforce. The gains in process
efficiency will enable cost recovery in less than 12 months.

Techs4Biz Australia offers Pervidi products, which combine service
management, asset management, maintenance management and inspection management
functionalities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

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