New SPOT RT sCMOS high speed camera with deep cooled CMOS sensor

Scitech announces the launch of the RT sCMOS cooled cameras from SPOT
Imaging featuring Sony’s breakthrough Pregius sensor technology.

Designed to address the challenging imaging requirements of life-science
professionals, the SPOT RT sCMOS is the only high-speed camera on the market
that currently employs a cooled Sony Pregius CMOS sensor. Deep cooling allows
dim images to be seen without becoming obscured by dark current, while the
global shutter ensures undistorted images of moving specimens.

The RT sCMOS high speed cameras find use in fluorescence microscopy,
FISH, GFP imaging, immunofluorescence and 3D de-convolution applications. Spinning
disc confocal, FRAP, high speed multicolour fluorescence, electrophysiology, calcium
imaging, ion transport physiology, ratiometrics imaging and voltage sensitive
dyes are some of the other applications where the camera offers optimal

Key features of RT sCMOS high speed cameras include: deep-cooling of the
image sensor to -20¡C supporting long exposure times; Sony Pregius IMX250 CMOS
image sensor offering almost 3 times the sensitivity of the current benchmark
CCD camera using the Sony ICX694; back-illuminated with enhanced Near-IR
technology; super-fast USB3 monochrome camera operating at 36 fps at full
resolution and 70 fps with 2×2 binning; resolution capabilities 2_ times
greater than the RT3, working at 5 MP live; and compatibility with Mac and
Windows operating systems.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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