New SoundAdvisor systems for sound level and noise monitoring

Leading test and measurement specialist John Morris Group announces
the release of the new Larson Davis SoundAdvisor 831C sound level
meter and the NMS044 noise monitoring system.

Commenting on the launch of the new SoundAdvisor 831C sound level meter and
NMS044 noise monitoring system, Duncan McLeod, Industrial Division Manager of
John Morris Group said that their customers would be very interested in features
such as the colour touchscreen and great connectivity options such as cellular,
Wi-Fi and wired networking. He added that the sound level meter could even
serve as its own Wi-Fi hotspot.

Jeff Williams, Director of Sales and Marketing at Larson Davis expects
the SoundAdvisor 831C and the NMS044 to become game changers in the acoustic
measurement and noise monitoring markets, both in the ANZ region and globally.

The SoundAdvisor 831C is Larson Davis’ next generation sound level meter
featuring new capabilities and communication options for environmental noise

Providing a unique and simplistic approach for remote noise monitoring, the
SoundAdvisor NMS044 noise monitoring system can operate on its own indefinitely,
powering itself with a small solar panel. Anyone with a smartphone can connect
to the monitor and receive event alerts, complete with sound files.

John Morris Group (Industrial Division) specialises in providing complete
solutions for noise and vibration measurement and analysis.

Contact the John Morris Group team toll-free AUS 1800 251
799 and NZ 0800 651 700, or visit their website.

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