New smart sensor offering plug and play portable data acquisition

Dytran Instruments presents a new USB-powered digital sensor that combines
a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and onboard temperature sensor
with a microcontroller to create a smart sensor. The VibraScout 6D software is
a plug-and-play, cost effective and portable data acquisition system.

The Dytran model 5346A2 is a unique and innovative solution for fast,
portable and cost effective vibration surveys and data acquisition. The
easy-to-install software allows for real time three-directional vibration data
acquisition (including static inclination) and three-directional orientation
data acquisition (gyroscope) along with real-time temperature monitoring.

The system stores acceleration, gyro and temperature information, while the
built-in firmware handles USB communication and provides a number of unique
features including storage of the device’s serial number as well as storage of
accelerometer, gyro and temperature calibration data.

Key features of VibraScout 6D software include real-time display of
acceleration, gyro and temperature data with 5 seconds of buffer; three-channel,
multi-channel, scope (rotating machinery) and real-time waterfall plots
available at runtime; min, max, instant measurement values displayed for all 9
channels at runtime; user selectable frequency settings for windowing and
frequency range settings; imperial or standard engineering units for all
channels with user selectable unit conversion; embedded post processor for data
export to ASCII, UFF58, Matlab compatible .MAT and JPEG files; plots overlay
for channel to channel comparison; and API available as .NET dll for custom
application development.

How it works:

The accelerometer contains a variable capacitance (VC) MEMS chip (200g
range) with USB interface. The software is loaded onto a PC or laptop. The
standard USB protocol handles all the sensor communications with the PC; no
external power is required for the sensor as it is plugged into the USB port.
The sensor is hermetically sealed in a titanium housing weighing 13 grams,
allowing it to be used in harsh environments from test tracks to field
monitoring. The frequency range of the VibraScout 6D accelerometer is 0 Hz (DC)
to 1,100 Hz and 0 to 250 Hz for the gyroscope. The units can withstand 10,000g

VibraScout 6D can be used to develop ‘Pass/Fail’ criteria for
vibration or shock-based end-of-line acceptance testing; produce graphics,
charts and data for reports and white papers; document ‘before-and-after’
condition to assess effectiveness of design changes; perform ride quality and
other whole-body human response studies; complete university engineering degree
coursework and thesis papers; establish the basis for simplified machinery
condition monitoring programs; quickly quantify and pinpoint sources of
unwanted vibration; and measure tilt angles on heavy equipment, construction
sites, and structures among many more.

Metromatics is the distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Dytran
Instruments, Inc.

For further information, please visit the
Metromatics website
or call (07) 3868-4255.

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