New SES/SEM70 motor feedback systems from SICK with multiturn

With its all-new SES/SEM70 motor
feedback systems, SICK is setting a new standard in the field of direct drives.
The company has created a multiturn variant with a mechanical gear mechanism, eliminating
the need for additional components such as external buffer batteries. The
mechanical multiturn can capture up to 4,096 revolutions.

The motor feedback system
features a hollow shaft diameter of 25mm and is installed directly on the motor
shaft, so there is no need for any strap connections or mechanical couplings.
After installation, it is also possible to read out the position of the rotor
using the PGT11-S programming device, providing a reliable way of identifying
installation errors.

The small design saves space and
weight, and is rugged, wear-free, and reliable thanks to the bearing-free
technology. SICK is also working on another size featuring a hollow shaft
diameter of 50mm, plus a safety variant (SIL2-certified).

The SES/SEM70 motor feedback
systems are ideal for use in torque motors and rotary tables, as well as in the
diverse area of direct drives within robot applications, injection moulding
machines, woodworking centres, semiconductor technology, and handling systems.

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