New polyurethane lined knife gate valves now with 25 Bar pressure rating

Dual Valves Australasia introduces a new range of polyurethane lined knife gate valves (DULSKG) with 25 Bar pressure rating.

Dual Valves Australasia recently completed the supply of 25 Bar rated polyurethane lined knife gate valves in a first for the company in Australia, according to Justin Mirto.

Dual’s years of experience in using polyurethane compounds within their slurry valves allowed them to expand the range of one piece cast poly lined knife gate valves to now include the 25 Bar CWP rated version. These valves were previously offered rated up to 10 Bar CWP.

Dual Products manufactures the knife gate valves to MSS-SP-81 face-to-face dimensions; the valves feature repeatable bi-directional 100% drip tight shut-off, with the full port moulded polyurethane liner bonded to the single piece cast steel valve body giving extended service life over standard knife gate valves, especially in tailings and fly ash applications.

The urethane lining extends over the flange face to serve as the valve’s flange gasket, eliminating any need for additional gaskets on installation. The valve tower features a provision for inductive proximity switches to be fitted without modifications to the tower superstructure.

The valves are available with options for different methods of actuation, materials of construction and drilling patterns to suit the customer’s specific applications.

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