New polypropylene bodies for vehicles for greater durability and fuel savings

PT Hydraulics Australia announces a new range of polypropylene bodies from
PT Rescue featuring a lightweight construction with long-term advantages.

Ideal for Utes and emergency service vehicles, the new polypropylene vehicle
bodies are manufactured from polypropylene sheets, with all components cut
using modern computer controlled routing machines, and handmade and welded
together using the latest plastic welding equipment.

Vehicle bodies fabricated in polypropylene material offer several advantages
over traditional body building methods including a lighter construction
allowing increased payload and fuel savings; freedom from rust, corrosion,
cracking, chipping or peeling; zero maintenance; long operational life; excellent
impact- and chemical resistance; 100% recyclability at end-of-life; easy
cleaning and disinfection; leak-proof construction; electrical insulating
properties; and good sound insulation.

These vehicle bodies can also incorporate built-in water tanks and also
be re-mounted multiple times.

Read more about PT Rescue’s polypropylene bodies

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