New PMA cable protection solutions for railway safety

Treotham presents new PMA cable protection solutions designed to improve
performance and safety in the rail industry. PMA products have proven their
dependability in railway construction projects around the world.

Treotham offers two new PMA conduits for the rail industry: The JXPCSF
over extruded conduit and the XVCSF multilayer conduit.

The new JXPCSF over extruded conduit with orange inner layer is
suitable for dynamic or static external applications, on rail vehicles, on the
roof, in between carriages and on bogies. The flexible, heavy duty conduit is
made from two layers of high-grade, specially formulated polyamide 12. The
self-extinguishing material is easy to clean and resistant to chemicals and
cleaning agents. It has excellent UV resistance and can be used in temperatures
from -50¡C to +95¡C continuous or +150¡C short term.

The new XVCSF multilayer conduit with blue inner layer is suitable
for use in static external rail applications on the undercarriage and bogies
among others. The UV-resistant inner and outer layers are made from specially
formulated polyamide 6. The flexible conduit is self-extinguishing and free
from halogens and cadmium. It features high compression and impact strengths at
low temperature and low humidity, and can be used in temperatures from -50¡C to
+105¡C continuous or +160¡C short term.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 1300 65 75

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