New Plug Up range of inflatable pipe plugs

Giant Inflatables Industrial has launched a new product in their Plug Up range of low pressure bungs and isolation plugs for
industrial applications.

Part of a proven line of low pressure, inflatable plugs offered for the construction,
mining, engineering and environmental management markets, the new Plug Up pipe
plugs, similar to Giant Inflatables Industrial’s isolation plugs, do not need any special high
pressure equipment to inflate them.

Additionally, the shape of the pipe plug allows for correct seating in a
pipe duct or void that may not be to the exact size it’s made to fit. This
allows the pipe plug to seal pipes in a wide 12 per cent range of its manufactured

The new Plug Up inflatable pipe plugs are short, flexible, very compact
and easy to manoeuvre through restricted access areas.

Giant Inflatables Industrial’s Plug Up range can be used for closing off pipes to keep
them clean during maintenance; isolating openings from environmental
contamination; sealing pipes or ducts on plant and equipment during washdown; emergency
plugging or isolation of drainage points and sumps from spills; void forming
for casting of sleeves or knuckles; and even for a lifting cushion when used
together with a series of Plug Up units.

Giant Inflatables Industrial’s inflatable pipe plugs can be supplied made to order with
quick turnaround time guaranteed. For more information, please visit

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