New options for Michell’s economical moisture sampling system

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the availability of
Michell’s ES20 compact sampling system with an optional Easidew PRO XP dew point
transmitter. The new option extends the capability of the system, making it suitable
for moisture measurement applications in hazardous areas where explosion-proof
certification is needed, in addition to existing intrinsically safe options.

Michell’s ES20 compact sampling system offers several standard
configurations to suit typical industrial and gas process applications such as
monitoring moisture in compressed air or natural gas. These standard
configurations enable short lead times and fast delivery of orders.

When monitoring moisture levels in gas, sample conditioning ensures the
pressure and temperature of the sample gas is consistent, and also prolongs sensor
life by removing contaminants such as dust or molecules of oil carried in the
gas stream. The ES20 compact sampling system offers a choice of particulate or
coalescing filters with a maximum pressure of 20 barg. Michell also offers three
mounting options for the system to suit indoor or outdoor locations: the system
can be mounted on a base plate, within a GRP enclosure or in a stainless steel
enclosure to provide IP66/NEMA 4X protection.

Offering compatibility with other Michell products, the ES20 modular
systems are designed around the Michell Easidew range. The dew point transmitters
provide accuracy of ±2¡Cdp, with a wide measurement capability of -100¡C to
+20¡C dew point, and are available through Michell’s unique sensor exchange

The sensor exchange programme allows customers to order a freshly
calibrated sensor to fit into their system, and return their old sensor to
Michell, ensuring their sensor calibration remains up-to-date, minimising

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