New online tool helps design, configure and order handling systems quickly

Festo has introduced a new online engineering tool that
allows users to configure and order standard handling systems in three easy

An all-in-one configuration and ordering system, Festo’s
new Handling Guide Online (HGO) significantly reduces design, assembly and
delivery times compared with previous methods, from around two months to just a
few weeks for a standard handling system. The new online tool enables ready-to-install
handling systems to be configured in less than 20 minutes.

Offering a faster and more cost-effective option for
design engineers looking to configure handling systems, the HGO is ideal for
specifying systems for applications such as palletising, end-of-line packaging,
assembling and laser cutting.

Previously, engineers would have to go through a lengthy
request process when ordering handling systems. Recognising the need for a
modern way of specifying systems that simplified the whole design and
procurement process, Festo developed this unique online software, the Handling
Guide Online to make configuring handling systems a quick, easy and intuitive experience.

The 3-step Handling
Guide Online process

The engineer is given four Cartesian system options:
single-axis systems, 2D linear gantry, 2D gantry and 3D gantry. Once the user
selects the most appropriate option and enters the specific application data
into the tool, such as the load and stroke length, the system calculates the
most appropriate handling system for those needs. Comprehensive datasheets, a
powerful animation and a complete CAD model are all available for download in
all common data formats.

In the last step, the engineer is allowed to further
configure the selected system with additional options to meet specific requirements
such as safety options, sensors and length of cabling. In the final design, the
HGO details the list of parts that make up the system and includes online links
to the individual components.

In addition to the standard line of handling systems, Festo
also develops products based entirely on individual, industry-specific
requirements. These may include, for example, systems with freely definable
axis geometries for shorter cycle times or for integration into machines with
minimal space requirements including perfectly matched individual solutions for
gripping, rotary motion and vacuum, as well as image processing with
intelligent compact cameras for quality inspection and conveyor belt

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