New OASIS Implant system for in-vivo live animal experiments

Scitech announces the release of a revolutionary new micro-endoscopic
system designed for deep brain imaging and stimulation during in-vivo live
animal experiments. The OASIS Implant system by Mightex conducts deep brain
simultaneous in-vivo all-optical recording and manipulation of neural circuit
activity with cellular resolution.

In addition to in-vivo live animal experiments, the OASIS Implant also
finds application in deep brain calcium imaging in freely behaving animals; deep
brain patterned opto-genetic stimulation with single-cell or sub-cellular
resolution; and simultaneous deep brain stimulation and imaging.

The OASIS Implant’s compatibility with high-sensitivity research-grade
cameras allows researchers to acquire far superior quality deep-brain images
and videos, compared to the relatively low-quality head-mounted cameras that
have recently been introduced into the market. The multiple illumination ports give
the OASIS Implant both wide-field and patterned illumination capabilities (when
combined with Mightex’s market-leading Polygon400). It is also capable of carrying
out multi-wavelength imaging/stimulation, not possible with conventional head-mounted

Key features of the OASIS Implant system include in-vivo all-optical
recording and manipulation of neural circuit activity; sub-cellular resolution,
high-quality imaging for quantitative analysis; multi-wavelength illumination; patterned
stimulation with sub-cellular targeting capability; super-light head mounted
fixture weighing 0.7g; and modular system design, reconfigurable for different

Please visit the Scitech website for more information or call 03 9480 4999.

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