New Nuvo-6108GC-IGN for in-vehicle, GPU-accelerated applications

Backplane Systems Technology presents Neousys Technology’s new Nuvo-6108GC-IGN industrial-grade
in-vehicle GPU-computing platform with 250W NVIDIA GPU and Intel Xeon E3 v5 and
6th-Gen core processor.

The Nuvo-6108GC-IGN
is one of the world’s first industrial-grade in-vehicle GPU computing platforms
designed to support high-end graphics cards. Tailored for emerging GPU-accelerated
applications such as artificial intelligence, VR, autonomous driving, and CUDA
computing, the Nuvo-6108GC-IGN neatly accommodates a 250W NVIDIA GPU.

Key features of Nuvo-6108GC-IGN
in-vehicle GPU-computing platform includes Intel C236 chipset and support for a
Xeon E3 v5 or 6th-Gen Core i7/i5 CPU with up to 32GB ECC/non-ECC DDR4 memory; standard
computer I/O features such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB3.0, and serial ports; x16
PCIe port for GPU installation plus two x8 PCIe slots allowing additional high-performance
expansion cards with high bandwidth to be installed to bolster data collection/analytics
and communication; built-in ignition power control; and patented easy-swap
trays for simple HDD/SSD replacement.

This sophisticated
series is constructed to handle the heavy power consumption and power transients
of a 250W GPU. To have reliable GPU performance for rugged industrial
environments, Nuvo-6108GC series utilises Neousys’ patented cassette design,
featuring a tuned cold air intake to effectively dissipate heat generated by the
GPU. This unique design guarantees operation at up to 60¡C with 100% GPU
loading, making the Nuvo-6108GC series extremely reliable for demanding field applications.

The Nuvo-6108GC-IGN
also features a patented thermal design for -25¡C to 60¡C rugged operation; 2x
x8 Gen3 PCIe slots for add-on cards; dual GbE ports and 4x USB3.0 ports; 3x
2.5″ SATA hard drives with RAID 0/1/5 support; automatic temperature
sensing and fan control; patented damping brackets to withstand 1 Grms vibration;
and built-in ignition control.

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