New magnetic square clamps pieces of steel for safe and secure welding

Magnet Sales Australia has released a new magnetic square that presents
a safe and easy way to clamp pieces of steel to enable them to be welded safely
and securely.

The MagSquare 400 from Magnet Sales Australia clamps the steel pieces at
90° or 45° angles and can be easily cleaned of unwanted swarf with metal
fragments simply dropping off. No power is required for the magnetic square to switch
on and off, making it very popular in many industry stations.

Designed for the metal fabrication and welding industry, MagSquare 400 is
already being used in many factories throughout Australia as a practical

Key features of MagSquare 400 magnetic squares
include superior strength; fast, precise positioning; flexibility to be mounted
anywhere without limitations like clamps; magnetic grip on three sides; can be
mounted to flat and pipe; and pre-tapped holes provided on all sides for

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