New machines launched to test the thickness of spaghetti pasta for manufacturers

A new test fixture designed specifically to meet the quality assessment
requirements of spaghetti, pasta and noodles producers is now available from Bestech Australia.

Manufactured by texture analysis equipment specialist, Lloyd Instruments,
the new Spaghetti and Noodle Compression attachment measures the thickness of
uncooked spaghetti, pasta and noodles to calculate parameters such as sample
compressibility, recovery and springiness, and find the ideal cooking time to
ensure an ‘al dente’ product.

Distributed solely by Bestech Australia in Australia and New Zealand, the
Spaghetti and Noodle Compression attachment fits the TA1 texture analyser and
other machines in the company’s extensive range. This fixture is used to take
thickness measurements of the cooked product to calculate a range of parameters,
with the accuracy and ease of use making the test system ideal for R&D and quality
control during food production.

The simple operation involves placing a cooked product sample onto the
fixture’s lower compression plate. With a single key operation, the testing
machine automatically lowers the upper compression plate via a high resolution
encoder and takes three thickness measurements at two specified loads of 15gf
and 515gf. The machine then stores and analyses the results in the operating
software with additional results also calculated from these three measurements
to evaluate various parameters. The entire test is driven by the company’s
powerful NEXYGENPlus materials testing software.

In addition to sample compressibility, the system evaluates product
recovery and springiness, helping manufacturers calculate ideal cooking times,
assess ingredients ratios, understand product behaviour after freezing, and
keep production costs low.

The TA1 texture analyser and NEXYGENPlus food texture applications
software can assess product quality on a wide range of food items including
dairy products, bakery, confectionery and gels.

Key features of the TA1 food texture analysers include large work area;
data sampling rate of 8 kHz; ability to save up to 600 test results; 10
programmable test set-ups; multilingual and multi-unit display options as standard;
and ability to export data directly into Excel and Word templates.

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