New lightweight igus xiros guide rollers from Treotham

Machine builders
working in the food and packaging industry are increasingly turning to clean
and hygienic plastic solutions. Treotham presents complete solutions from igus for
film and label guide rollers, consisting of various tube materials and polymer
ball bearings with flange. The lightweight systems are now available with a
fully-enclosed side. In addition, installation of the new rollers is much
easier than before and does not require tools.

Treotham offers maintenance-free and lubrication-free xiros
polymer ball bearings by igus. When used in the food and packaging industry, there
is no risk of contamination due to leaking lubricants. New in the xiros product
range is a readymade system consisting of aluminium, PVC or carbon tube and two
flange ball bearings made of xirodur materials with stainless steel balls. The
PVC version only uses materials approved by the food industry. The extremely
light guide rollers are available in various diameters and lengths with millimeter
accuracy. If a more ergonomic roller is required, Treotham can now offer machine
builders new guide rollers with one side completely closed. Compared to
commonly used stainless steel tubes, the aluminium tube weighs significantly
less, which in turn has a positive effect on roller inertia.

The dry operating xiros polymer ball bearings have
less friction than lubricated metal ball bearings because the balls do not have
to overcome the resistance of the lubricant, helping them operate much more

With the help of the xiros service life calculator, the
machine builder can conveniently determine the predicted service life of the
polymer ball bearing online in just a few steps.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 1300 65 75

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