New industrial routers from Treotham

A new industrial router from Treotham allows users to manage
telecontrol, remote maintenance and alarm simply and safely from a distance.

The new Wieland Wienet VPN industrial routers facilitate unlimited M2M
communication to ensure increased efficiency and data security. Complex tasks
such as control of machines, monitoring of production or coordination of
production areas require devices to communicate with each other. Wieland’s
innovative router technology now allows control commands, level indicators and video
signals to be transmitted.

Wieland Wienet VPN industrial routers are ideal for diverse applications,
including energy systems such as wind turbines, solar farms, biogas cogeneration
systems and heat pumps; water and waste water management; system monitoring in
machine building such as washing machines, packaging machines and compressors;
and external surveillance cameras, vending, smart metering and mobile fleet

Key features of Wieland Wienet VPN industrial routers include extremely
user-friendly operation with ports arranged on the front panel and a standard
USB port; robust aluminium housing and DIN top hat rail assembly; operating
temperature range of -30¡C to +70¡C; support for all popular mobile systems;
and also available with a second SIM card slot, additional I/O, RS-232,
RS-422/RS-485, M-Bus, second Ethernet interface, Wi-Fi module or integrated 3-port

The router will always access the fastest
available connection with Wienet and offers download speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s
and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s. It is ideal for industrial use in
conjunction with VPN-service portals, such as Wie-Service24.

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