New igus material for bearings with enhanced UV resistance

Treotham introduces a new range of bearings made from
a high performance plastic material for use in special applications. Plain
bearings are not only used as simple press-fit bearings but also increasingly
in special forms; in some instances such as in the solar industry, they are
exposed to UV radiation for long periods of time.

For such special applications, Treotham offers the
long-lasting high-performance plastic iglidur J from igus. The iglidur J UV
range provides very good UV resistance and benefits from the low coefficients
of friction and wear as well as from moisture resistance.

Outdoor equipment such
as solar power systems are expected to perform specific functions for years, often
under extreme environmental conditions. This calls for machine components that
offer a long service life and prolonged holding times. Furthermore, plain
bearings that fulfil their service, for example, in solar tower power plants,
parabolic trough power plants or mounting the rotary axis for panel
adjustments, should have the lowest possible costs.

To meet the
requirements of these applications, igus has further developed its
wear-resistant and durable standard material iglidur J into the high-performance
plastic iglidur J UV.

Key features include new
UV-stabilised material especially suitable for continuous exposure to direct
sunlight; lubrication-free and
maintenance-free qualities; insensitivity to dust and dirt; enhanced long-term
mechanical properties providing the customer with the ideal material for
extremely smooth-running, long-lasting solar systems; corrosion-free properties
and good resistance to media, moisture and other environmental influences; and tribological
properties such as friction and wear comparable to standard material iglidur J.

The iglidur J UV material’s
low coefficients of friction in dry operation and the extremely low stick-slip
tendency are very important for very low speeds, common in tracking systems in
the solar industry. High speeds of over 1 metre per second are also possible.
In both cases, the static friction is very low, whereby the stick-slip tendency
is avoided.

Initially, the material will be available with and
without flange up to a shaft diameter of 20 millimetres. Bearings made of
iglidur J UV are available from Treotham upon request in all previous standard
dimensions of iglidur J as well as in individually designed special geometries.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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