New igus isense modules predicting maintenance to maximise uptime

Treotham introduces four new modules from the igus isense
family designed to easily increase plant uptime and reduce cost using intelligent
plastic solutions.

Treotham offers four different igus integration
systems to incorporate the data from the sensors into maintenance planning and
work in the most effective way possible. Users can find the right solution from
automatic shutdown of machinery and online status of the e-chain systems, to
self-triggering replacement part ordering and maintenance planning directly
from a smartphone.

Increasing plant uptime with predictive maintenance is
the goal of the igus smart plastics from Treotham. Intelligent sensors from the
isense family monitor plastic solutions from energy chains and highly flexible
cables to lubrication-free linear guides and maintenance-free slewing ring
bearings. Depending on the individual application, data obtained can be used in
different ways.

standalone and offline systems for disruption-free production

Companies can cost-effectively prevent disruption to
production using the easy-to-integrate isense standalone system. Sensors on
e-chains and cables measure values such as acceleration, temperature and wear.
The machinery can be switched off either directly by means of the NC contact or
as a result of evaluation via an I/O interface in the customer’s PLC. In the
event reference values defined in advance by igus are exceeded, the NC contact
is triggered and the machine comes to a standstill.

Alternatively, the measured values are transferred to
the PLC. Depending on how the PLC is programmed, optical or acoustic warnings
can indicate that the reference values are exceeded. By contrast, the isense
offline system is a suitable solution if a service technician has to monitor a
large number of energy chains, cables and bearings in a production or port

For example, the new P4.1 rol-e chain for long travels
with integrated isense wear sensor: for this application, an additional
industrial PC is required to display messages. There is no internet connection
in this case. In this simple variant, the service life calculations are static
and cannot be altered.

of replacement parts in advance with ERP connection

The possibilities for using the Intranet and Internet
take things a step further. The isense integration system contributes to
predictive maintenance. Using standards, the data from the icom module is
integrated into the existing software environment and Intranet by a Treotham expert.
Administrators and production managers both benefit from this. If there is a
visualisation system for the entire manufacturing process, a click in the
application shows the operating states of the different igus components. If a
sensor reports a failure or wear, this becomes visible. Ordering of replacement
parts can be initiated immediately via the ERP system, which is connected.

The isense online system ensures optimum planning for
maintenance teams. It uses the data gathered from the 2,750-square-metre
laboratory – the world’s largest test facility of its kind – for moving energy
systems. Here energy chains alone are subjected to more than 10 billion test
cycles per year. As a result, the isense online system learns continuously
thanks to artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms. Every day,
it compares the service life recommendations with the exact results calculated
in the course of real operation. In this way, the time until the next
maintenance work is increased. In the long term, this not only achieves
significant cost savings but also makes life easier for shift supervisors,
maintenance crews and warehousing teams.

isense online with a link to the igus CRM system makes
it possible for the first time to really predict when maintenance is necessary.
Maintenance fitters are notified in advance by e-mail or SMS that drives are
about to become worn out, that e-chains are likely to fail completely or that
they should be replaced simply because they are getting old. But irrespective
of which model the user chooses, they all have one thing in common: all the
four options offered increase machine reliability and safety, while simplifying
maintenance at the same time.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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