New igus energy chains enhancing safety in deep drilling rigs

Treotham presents the modular e-loop energy chains for
secure cable guidance on top drive systems in deep drilling rigs.

Extreme conditions often prevail in deep drilling rigs
in the oil and gas industry: wind and weather, dirt and harsh handling of
installations and equipment affect machine components. igus has now developed
the e-loop, available from Treotham, for the safe guidance of the top drive.
The new modular energy chain made of high-performance plastics ensures a
defined bend radius of the cables and withstands vibrations and shocks.

Deep drilling rigs with top drive systems are used to
extract oil from the earth. For cable guidance in these systems, manufacturers
and operators have been using the so-called ‘service loops’, which often create
problems. The cables have no guidance or defined bend radius, can slip into the
service loop, and in a worst case scenario, even break. In extremely windy
conditions, the freely hanging service loop can get caught in the mast or on
the sensors as well as the lighting system and be torn off.

If any one of these situations occurs and a cable
becomes defective, the complete dress pack has to be replaced because the
cables are enclosed together within the hose. With the e-loop, igus has now
developed a new energy chain that can safely guide cables with large cross
sections and heavy weight in hanging applications. The energy supply system is
a round, three-dimensional modular system that can move strain-relieved cables
with a defined bend radius.

maintenance, assembly and disassembly

When developing the e-loops, the engineers focused on
a simple installation. The modular energy chain can be opened from the outside
and filled at any time. This allows individual cables to be inserted and
replaced quickly in case of maintenance. The chain links can also be replaced
at any time. Several secured screw connections are used between the elements of
the energy supply, which prevent components from falling down, thereby increasing
operational reliability. Since deep drilling rigs need to change locations on a
regular basis, the developers are relying on bolted mounting brackets that
enable a quick disassembly. In addition to the use on deep drilling rigs, the
saltwater-resistant e-loop is also suitable for hanging applications in the
offshore industry, for construction machinery, shore power or even wind turbines.

polymers for secure cable protection

High vibrations, side impacts and bumps do not bother
the e-loop. It consists of individual chain links, which have a shock-resistant
outer body attachment made of PU foam and cable-friendly inner parts made of
the igumid high-performance polymer. The igus material is corrosion-free and
chemical-resistant. The new energy supply system from Treotham is built around
a high-tensile plastic rope that absorbs the tensile forces of the cables. The
rope is composed of a synthetic plastic fibre and is therefore shatter-proof,
weather-resistant, flexible and corrosion-free. The e-loop can absorb weights
up to 220 Kilo-Newtons with the rope.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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