New igus energy chain for offshore applications

Treotham introduces the igus E4.350, a new plastic energy chain
specifically developed for offshore applications. Considered one of the world’s
largest plastic energy chains, the igus E4.350 is also ideal for industries
where oversized cables and hoses need to be guided and protected.

Significantly cheaper than traditional steel energy chains, plastic
energy chains such as the E4.350 are stronger than steel and much lighter. Resistant
to corrosion and weathering, the igus plastic energy chains are unaffected by
exposure to almost every type of chemical and petrochemical, as well as UV rays.

The large energy chain is made from igumid ESD to suit applications where
ATEX and IECEx standards apply.

Key features and benefits of igus E4.350 energy chains include self-lubricating
material requiring no grease or oil on the joints throughout the working life,
significantly reducing the need for routine maintenance; modular design allowing
the chain to be easily shortened or lengthened as required; excellent rigidity
and high load capacity during operation thanks to the tongue and groove design;
and quiet, straight operation due to the inner/outer link design, and stable
opening crossbars at every link.

The igus E4.350 energy chain has an inner height of 350mm with 400-800mm
inner widths, 500-1000mm bending radii and 470mm pitch. An interior separation
system and mounting brackets can also be supplied.

Please visit the Treotham Automation website at or call 02 9907 1788.

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