New heavy duty linear actuator from Treotham

Treotham presents the Thomson Electrak HD actuator, the next generation
heavy duty linear actuator that combines advanced performance with superior
environmental protection.

Designed to provide the best onboard controls currently available in
electric linear actuators, Thomson Electrak HD actuators eliminate the need for
standalone controls. The higher power and longer stroke lengths allow the
Elektrak HD to tackle applications outside the range of other electric linear

The Elektrak HD is built to withstand some of the harshest environments,
making the heavy duty linear actuator ideal for applications involving utility
vehicles, roadwork and construction site equipment, railroad equipment,
emergency and rescue vehicles, and switchgears. It is also suitable for
single-user maintenance and repair, quick attach and logistic systems.

Key features and benefits of Electrak HD electric linear actuators include
simple operation; compact housing; optional built-in J1939 CAN bus support,
temperature compensation, overload protection and electronic trip point
calibration; constant monitoring of vital parameters such as end-of-stroke,
voltage, current and temperature offered as standard; and dynamic/holding
break, flying lead cables and front/rear clevis options.

The actuator is CE, RoHS and REACH (EU) certified, and meets the most
extreme OEM component environmental acceptance tests, including IP69K, IP67 and

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