New energy chain concept for reliable guidance in any orientation

Treotham introduces the new igus lokchain energy
supply system designed to automatically increase operational reliability, and reinvent
power, data and media supply in many dynamic applications.

igus is constantly researching new energy chain
solutions to meet the special requirements of industrial applications for
flexibility, reliability and low costs. For this reason, the motion plastics
specialist developed the lokchain, a new concept consisting of an e-chain with
automatically extending pins and a compact guide trough for the dynamic
guidance of energy chains. The automatically extending pins hold the e-chain
securely in the guide, allowing completely new solutions in vertical, hanging
or circular movement applications. Even long travels with a moving lower run are
possible by fixing the lokchain in the upper run trough.

The system can also be used in vertical circular
applications. For example, the lokchain is an obvious choice for use in the
compact space of rotating C-arm X-ray scanners. The e-chain’s flexibility allows
the user to develop completely new machine design concepts.

The basic principle of the lokchain solution is
simple: pins integrated into the side links hold the energy chain firmly in the
guide trough. When the chain link is bent into a radius, the pin retracts
automatically and releases the chain from the guide. When the chain link comes
out of the radius and engages the trough, the pin extends and automatically secures
itself back into the trough. This eliminates the need for more costly guide
trough systems, and helps machine builders save money.

The special construction of the lokchain eliminates abrasion
and wear, helping increase the service life of the e-chain. An endurance test
carried out at igus’ 2,750-square-metre laboratory proved the prototype’s durability.
The mobility of the chain links is another advantage of the new e-chain system
as they ensure that the energy chain operates safely and quietly, even with
small bending radii and over long travel distances.

The igus lokchain energy supply system is currently in
the prototype phase, giving customers the opportunity to help shape the
required size and design.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website or call 1300 65 75 64.

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