New electronic pre-start checks for heavy vehicles developed for smartphones

Techs4Biz has released a new electronic pre start checks application for
heavy vehicles, plant and equipment enabling operators and inspectors to make
sure their heavy machinery meets safety requirements.

Designed to work on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, the
new paperless application once more underlines the impact of mobile technology on
every industry and sector by automating pre-start checks for heavy vehicles, plant
and equipment and replacing paper records.

A key objective of the new paperless inspection application is to enable
organisations to easily and cost-effectively track and manage pre-start and
safety inspections in their fleet. Drivers and operators can use their smartphones
or tablets to complete their pre-start inspections using possible deficiency
drop-down values, taking pictures, and employing voice-to-text data entry
function, all enabled by the Pervidi paperless application.

Key capabilities of Techs4Biz’s
new electronic pre start checks application:

Automatic Reporting

Results of the pre start checks are automatically emailed to the
appropriate personnel in the organisation.

Automatic Corrective Actions

All corrective actions are automatically created and can be
automatically emailed to the appropriate personnel with all the information
required to rectify or correct the deficiency.

Proactive Triggers and

Pervidi’s Trigger engine automatically emails alerts, notifications and
reports based on dynamic criteria defined by the user. For instance, the
maintenance manager can receive an alert email indicating which trucks have not
completed their daily pre-start inspections.

Paperless Mobility and Data

Data collection in the field using clipboards and notebooks presents a
number of challenges to drivers and heavy vehicle operators. Pervidi solves
these challenges by providing drivers and operators with intuitive paperless
applications that dramatically improve field activities. Combining handheld
devices, and web portals, field operators can perform their tasks faster and
more easily and accurately.

Ease of use

Pervidi’s paperless inspection application can be used to automate any type
of inspection and completely eliminates paper from the process. The application
automates the entire process with intuitive functions allowing the user to
integrate pictures/images complete with ability to mark the pictures; integrate
barcodes and include electronic signatures and timestamps; create checklists
and templates using the template creation tool; and focus on exceptions and
overdue items.

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