New electronic forms for racking inspection developed

Techs4Biz Australia presents a new paperless inspection application designed
to streamline safety audits on steel racking used in warehouses and factories.

Used to store heavy pallets, steel racks are susceptible to stress and
damage, which could lead to collapse. Regular inspection of the racking can
help detect signs of stress or damage, and ensure compliance and safety.

The steel rack inspection checklist based on the Australian Standard (AS
4084-2012) is now available in an electronic form to enable inspections to be
conducted on mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and smartphones. The rack
safety inspection process based on the paperless inspection application
streamlines safety and provides both time and cost benefits.

Following the rack inspection, the results including images of defective
parts are sent electronically from the mobile device to a central database for
storage, analysis and reporting.

The reports will include notification of damages and colour coded
reports as per AS-4084: Red (Unload immediately) denotes racking, which is severely
damaged and should be immediately offloaded and isolated from future use until
repair work is undertaken; Amber (Repair) indicates racking that is damaged but
not sufficiently to warrant immediate offloading of the rack; and Green (Monitor)
represents racking, which is damaged but does not pose an immediate safety

The paperless rack safety inspection application can be used to carry
out checks on uprights; base plates; floor fixing; horizontal and diagonal
braces; and beam loads (e.g. connectors, safety locks, stress, deformation

The rack safety inspection application works with all Android and Apple mobile
devices and will allow photographs of the defective areas on the racks to be
captured and attached to reports. Voice recordings can be made with each
inspection, and steel racks can be identified using RFID or barcodes to save
time for the inspector.

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