New Dytran vibration recorder for field portable, 3 axis, static and dynamic acceleration measurements

Dytran Instruments has introduced a new range of field-portable
vibration recorders designed for 3-axis static and dynamic acceleration
measurements at the press of a button.

The new VibraCorder from Dytran Instruments is a portable vibration
recorder that can be used to capture critical vibration data anywhere in the
field, solve problems, and move product development forward.

Key benefits of the VibraCorder Model 4400A vibration recorders include
compact, lightweight and battery operated device; environmentally sealed
package to fit into tight spaces; easy installation; user-configurable software
optimising data collection; integrated accelerometer eliminating the need for
external cable runs and complex signal conditioning; removable memory card plugging
directly into a laptop or PC; and built-in high-pull magnets for easy mounting
to ferromagnetic surfaces.

VibraCorder Model 4400A vibration recorders find use in applications
involving automotive, vibration testing, remote vibration measurement, rotating
machine diagnostics, impact testing, ride and handling, sports, safety
equipment, playground testing, motorcycles, ATV development, suspension testing,
powersports, and bicycles.

Key features of the VibraCorder Model 4400A vibration recorders include
SDHC 8 GB memory card; USB drive containing software; several sampling rates up
to 3200 samples/second; IP64 rated; magnet/screw mount; several recording
regimes (free run, triggered event, triggered free run); and choice of two
ranges +/-16 g and +/- 200 g.

VibraCorder software features include immediate retrieval of recorded
data from the SDHC card; ability for data selection and zoom; event comparison;
high pass/low pass filtering; oversampling; FFT analysis; and time synchronous
averaging with the ability to export data into multiple formats.

Metromatics is the distributor for Dytran Instruments, Inc. in Australia
and New Zealand.

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