New Chromacity 520 ultrafast laser systems for materials science

Scitech presents the Chromacity 520, an air-cooled, compact, ultrafast
ytterbium fibre-based laser system delivering exceptional performance with
turnkey operation. Providing more than 500 mW in the visible region, the
Chromacity 520 is an ideal solution for pumping optical parametric oscillators
or driving other non-linear processes.

Chromacity 520 ultrafast laser system provides a fixed 520nm output at a
power of 500mW – 1W and is essentially a frequency-doubled version of the
company’s flagship 1040nm laser, the Chromacity 1040.

The Chromacity 520 also provides the option to deliver dual output at
520/1040nm from a single unit and is an ideal source for a wide range of
non-linear optics, microscopy, and spectroscopy applications. The laser system
delivers < 250 fs pulsewidth, making it ideal for a wide range of photonics
and imaging applications.

Since the absorption characteristic of many materials such as gold,
copper and plastics is significantly higher at 520nm, the Chromacity 520 ultrafast
laser system can deliver benefits within the micromachining sector for
techniques such as 2-photon polymerisation and 3D printing.

An intuitive web-based user-interface allows for easy control of the
Chromacity 520 ultrafast laser system, eliminating the need to be near the system
to use it. The standard model operates at a pulse repetition frequency of 100
MHz, simplifying integration with a range of diagnostic equipment.

For further information, please visit the Scitech
website or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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