New chip-repellent igus energy tubes with tight seals

Treotham introduces a new range of chip-repellent energy
tubes from igus designed for easy filling as well as tight sealing.

The igus R2.1 tube series can be easily filled thanks
to lids that can be opened from both sides. The tubes are also tightly sealed,
keeping metal chips out using a link and a crossbar that function as a form-fit
lid. The lids can be opened very easily from both sides along the inner or
outer radius, with the user choosing the option that is best for their needs, simplifying
assembly and maintenance work.

Lukas Czaja, Head of Industry Management Machine Tools
at igus explains that the chip-proof e-tubes from igus provide a reliable
energy source in the area of machine toolmaking in an environment where chips
are often present. The R2.1 series provides outstanding chip protection, can be
assembled efficiently, and stands out due to its very good price/performance

A chip test in the igus test laboratory revealed that
the tubes of the R2.1 series were among the tightest sealed energy tubes on the
market. The test involved moving the tube continuously in a chip drum filled
with two kilograms of metal chips of different sizes and shapes. After 100,000
cycles, the size 40 e-tube only let 0.5 grams of chips accumulate inside.

Key features of the igus R2.1 series e-tubes include smooth
contours preventing the chips from accumulating between the stops, avoiding damage
to the cables; brake in the stop-dogs of the individual chain links reducing
noise in the operation of the chain; and double stop-dogs enabling the energy
tubes to absorb high fill weights and even master long unsupported lengths.

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Automation at or
call 02 9907 1788.

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