New cellZscopeE for automated TER measurement

Scitech introduces an entry-level system from NanoAnalytics for computer-controlled
TER (transepithelial/ -endothelial resistance) measurements. NanoAnalytics is a
German manufacturer specialising in materials characterisation in the area of
surface, interface and micro analysis.

The new cellZscopeE from NanoAnalytics measures the TER and capacitance
of cell layers under physiological conditions. The TER of cell layers under
investigation is determined in real-time with the cellZscopeE, with reliable
long term measurements over days and weeks also carried out.

Advantages such as a convincing performance, instrument operations and
easy maintenance make the cellZscopeE the ideal tool for controlling the
confluence of cell layers as well as for studying the influence of substances
on the barrier function. The instrument sweeps over a wide frequency range
instead of simply measuring at a few frequency points, ensuring reliable and
unambiguous detection of cell layer properties.

Key features of the cellZscopeE include automatic determination of TER;
full compatibility with a broad range of standard cell culture inserts; cell
module allowed to be loaded with 6 inserts simultaneously; time resolution per
well of 1 data point/hour; and upgradable to cellZscope+.

The cellZscopeE is compatible with a variety of standard cell culture
inserts from different manufacturers. Three versions of the electrodes are
available, tailored for use with small (“24-well” type), mid-sized (“12-well”
type), or large (“6-well” type) inserts, respectively. Different well sizes can
be combined within one cell module.

For more information, please visit the Scitech
website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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