New atomic force microscope with high resolution and fast scanning

The JPK NanoWizard 4 from
Scitech is a new atomic force microscope (AFM) designed to combine high resolution
with fast scanning when observing sample dynamics in real-time.

The JPK NanoWizard 4 by NanoScience
offers closed-loop atomic resolution and fast scanning capabilities of up to 3
sec/image in a system with a large scan range of 100µm in XY. The JPK NanoWizard
4 is the AFM of choice for applications in materials and polymer science from
single molecule experiments and electrochemistry to organic electronics.

Some of the advantages of the JPK
NanoWizard 4 atomic force microscopes include low noise operation of the
closed-loop scanner and deflection detection systems; powerful digital Vortis
controller combining fast signal handling with low noise; high-resolution
quantitative imaging with QI mode; unique solutions for mechanical and
electrical characterisation of samples; broad range of modes and accessories; and
a fully flexible and modular design for a wide range of applications.

The JPK NanoWizard 4 also offers
remote control and monitoring of complex experiments with ExperimentControl via
the internet on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Options include StretchingStage for
sample property changes under external mechanical load; HybridStage for
automated mapping of sample properties over a large range for structured
substrates, micro-spheres, cells, etc.; and CryoStage for cooling applications
down to -120 degrees C.

Standard operation modes include:

Imaging modes (air or liquid): Easy-to-use
QI quantitative imaging mode for perfect imaging; Contact mode with Lateral
Force Microscopy (LFM); AC modes with phase detection

Force measurements: Static and
dynamic spectroscopy; and Fast Force Mapping

For more information, please
visit the Scitech website
or call (03) 9480 4999.

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