New anti-static Ion Air Cannon is CE, UL and RoHS certified

EXAIR’s new Ion Air Cannon has been independently tested and certified
to meet the rigorous safety, health and environmental standards of the USA,
European Union and Canada. In addition to being CE and UL certified, the Ion
Air Cannon is also RoHS compliant.

Designed to eliminate static electricity and clean at distances up to 4.6
metres with no moving parts, the Ion Air Cannon is ideal for benchtops, machine
mounting, and difficult-to-access spaces that require a concentrated flow of
static eliminating ions. New design features include a metal armoured high
voltage cable to protect against abrasions and cuts, a replaceable emitter
point, integrated ground connection and electromagnetic shielding.

Compressed air use is minimised with the Ion Air Cannon incorporating
EXAIR’s patented Super Air Amplifier that induces surrounding airflow at a
ratio of 22:1. The amplified airflow carries the ions to the target, allowing the
Ion Air Cannon to eliminate static charges in less than half a second. The user
can control air volume and velocity to gently wipe or forcefully blow away

Key features of EXAIR’s Ion Air Cannon include a sturdy stand with a
swivel adjustment for directing the airflow; hose or tube easily connected to
the air intake to draw air from another area; shockless electrical ion source without
any radioactive element; and a new selectable voltage power supply.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, the Ion Air Cannon finds application
in bag opening, sheet separation, moulded parts cleaning, pre-paint dust
removal, package cleaning and container neutralisation.

Please visit to view the entire static elimination product line or
call 1300 787 688.

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