Neousys Nuvo-8240GC industrial-grade Edge AI platform

Backplane Systems Technology presents Neousys Nuvo-8240GC, a unique industrial-grade Edge AI platform
supporting dual NVIDIA Tesla T4 inference accelerators. Measuring just 170mm
(W) x 360mm (D) x 186mm (H), the Nuvo-8240GC features a compact design, has low
power consumption and offers expansion capabilities for add-on cards.

Nuvo-8240GC is
powered by Intel Xeon E or 9th/ 8th-Gen Core CPU up to 8-core/ 16-thread and is
coupled with workstation-grade Intel C246 chipset to support up to 128 GB ECC
or non-ECC DDR4 memory. The system also has a front-accessible, hot-swappable
2.5″ SATA tray for easy storage access and M.2 NVMe for fast disk
read-write performances.

The rugged Edge AI platform
features Neousys’ unique thermal design to ensure 100% CPU and GPU performances
at operating temperatures of up to 60¡C and patented damping brackets to withstand
up to 3Grms vibration. It also accepts a wide-range 8-48V DC input to solve
unstable power deliveries that may otherwise damage or cause an unforeseen

The Nuvo-8240GC is
one of the most efficient inference accelerators (consuming only 70W per T4)
with multiple video transcoding capabilities and delivers breakthrough AI
inference performance. It can be deployed as a roadside unit to increase safety
and reduce congestion, utilised for complex and delicate tasks such as defect
detection in lumber and textile products or embedded into an autonomous machine
for Edge AI enhancements. Nuvo-8240GC inherits Neousys Technology’s signature
designs to address the most common challenges to allow innovators to bring
frontier ideas to the field.

By supporting dual
NVIDIA Tesla T4 inference accelerators, the Nuvo-8240GC offers a false-fail and
interoperable data analysis capability, which is an ideal solution for medical
imaging. With the exponential increase of data imaging in recent years, the
abilities to process different types of images in real-time can have a
significant impact on research in the healthcare industry. Whether analysing
medical images to assist physicians in making a cancer image interpretation or
for early detection from large and crowdsourced data during the pandemic,
Nuvo-8240GC is the best choice to accelerate medical research while improving
physicians’ efficiency and productivity.

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