Neousys’ IGT-30 Series ARM-based industrial IoT gateway

Backplane Systems Technology presents Neousys’ IGT-30 Series, TI Sitara AM3352 ARM-based industrial
IoT gateway with dual LAN and preinstalled Debian.

Neousys’ IGT-30 Series,
equipped with the AM3352 from Texas Instruments’ Sitara AM335x family, is an
ARM-based box PC designed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Gateways and
Industry 4.0 applications. The IGT-30 Series is supplied as a ready system
preinstalled with Debian and in compliance with common industrial
certifications such as CE/FCC, shock and vibration. It is also AWS Device
Qualification Program (DQP) certified.

Key features of Neousys’
IGT-30 Series ARM-based industrial IoT gateways include power input range of 10
to 25 VDC and wide operating temperature from -25¡C to 70¡C allowing functioning
under harsh industrial conditions; support for PoE Powered Device (PD) mode – can
be powered by a LAN cable from a PoE Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), and transfer
data via this cable at the same time; and I/Os applicable to a range of
industrial grade sensors.

Neousys’ IGT-30
Series features one USB2.0 port, two 10/100M LAN ports, one configurable COM
port (RS-232/422/485) and an optional CAN bus port in addition to 8 built-in
isolated digital input channels that accept discrete signals from various
sensors or buttons/ switches. There are also two built-in isolated digital
output channels to control actuators and indicators.

Communication wise, the
IGT-30 Series has a mini PCIe slot and a USIM holder allowing it to transmit the
acquired data and system status via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi (mini PCIe Wi-Fi module).
There is an opening on top of the IGT-30 Series for users to mount the SMA
connector of the wireless module.

In terms of storage,
the IGT-30 Series has dual microSDHC slots – one internal and one external. This
design allows users to separate the system and user data, which can expedite OS
deployment for mass production. The IGT-30 Series provides six LED indicators
and two function buttons that can be programmed by users. The function buttons
can act as controls for the IGT-30 Series and eliminate the need for external
input devices such as a keyboard or mouse.

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