Nanosurf Alphacen 300 tip scanning AFMs for heavy and large samples

Scitech presents the Alphacen 300 from Nanosurf, an atomic force microscope (AFM) system designed for large and heavy samples.

Featuring a fully accessible 300mm x 300mm sample stage, the AFM system can handle samples up to 45kg in weight. Nanosurf Alphacen 300 also runs a fully automated measurement series, making it an ideal solution for a number of industrial applications and quality control processes.

Large, heavy samples are commonplace in the optical industry, especially in the production of large lenses, as well as in the semiconductor industry for assembled cassettes or completed products. Alphacen can handle both convex and concave shapes.

Alphacen 300 AFM has a sample stage that can move 300mm x 300mm in XY and measure every point on a 300mm sample. On request, the stage can be modified to handle a larger range in X (up to 500mm). The XY stage has a resolution of 1µm and a unilateral repositioning accuracy of 2µm, which allows for precise positioning of the sample under the imaging tip.

Standard imaging modes include Static Force Mode, Lateral Force Mode, Dynamic Force Mode (Tapping Mode), Phase Imaging Mode, friction force, force modulation, spreading resistance and EFM.

Nanosurf Alphacen 300 includes powerful automation software that allows the user to preselect the locations of interest, either on an optical image or a stage map, and let the system collect the images with no user intervention. Set up a measurement series on your sample (or multiple samples) and safely let the system do the rest.

Most large sample AFMs are capable of handling planar samples up to 200mm, typically geared towards analysis of semiconductor wafers. However, one of the limitations of these systems is the sample weight they can handle. Alphacen 300 addresses the need for a standard AFM capable of imaging large and heavy samples with a weight limit of up to 45kg. The Z-stage travel of 50mm also allows for imaging of samples that are not thin silicon wafer.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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