Multitech Conduit LoRa Starter kit: LoRa proof of concept up, running and connected to the cloud – all in one box

The Conduit
LoRa Starter Kit is designed to enable you to obtain sensor information and
display it in the cloud within minutes of opening the box. The starter kit
features the MultiConnect Conduit™ – the industry’s most configurable,
manageable, and scalable cellular communications gateway for industrial IoT

All major
componentsof the Conduit LoRa Starter Kit are pre-configured for use with the
Conduit platform and select MultiTech cloud platforms and only require simple
actions. Pre-configured with Australia code, US or EU and able to software
change to adopt New Zealand frequency, Singapore frequency, South Korea
frequency and other available frequency in the future.


  • Temperature, light, pressure, and accelerometer sensors plus GPS
    included in the MultiConnect mDot Box
  • 868 and 915 MHz for Europe and North America. Australia suitable
    frequency with RCM approval and LoRa alliance certified
  • Flexibility to conduct LoRa Site Survey and/or develop end-to-end
    LoRa proof of concepts from scratch support virtually unlimited IoT use
    case needs


  • Pre-configured Conduit, mDot Box and cloud connectors simplify and
    quicken PoC or Site Survey execution
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to leading IoT Cloud platforms enables
    data insight, analytics, and visualization in minutes
  • All MultiConnect Conduit LoRa components
    required for connectivity from edge sensors to the Cloud bundled together
    in one box to reduce confusion and simplify IoT POC ordering process

The MultiConnect¨ mDot Box LoRa survey box are available from Elecom Electronics Supply, the ANZ local wireless and
communications supplier. 

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