MultiSplit 4-way image splitters from Scitech

Scitech introduces the MultiSplit from Cairn Research, a 4-way image
splitting device that can divide an image into two, three or four separate,
spatially equivalent components for side-by-side display on a single camera

Splitting is usually performed on the basis of wavelength and/or polarisation,
allowing use in applications where there is a requirement for simultaneous or
high speed acquisition of multiple image emission bands or polarisation states.
While manual or electronic filter changers require the user to pause
acquisition as the filter position is changed, the new MultiSplit eliminates
the need to do so through simultaneous acquisition of up to four images.

This allows the camera to be operated in high speed stream modes and
reduces demands on the software.

MultiSplit 4-way image splitters find use in diverse applications including
simultaneous multi-depth imaging (using independent lenses); Fšrster Resonance
Energy Transfer (FRET); ratiometric calcium, voltage and pH imaging; simultaneous
multi fluorescent probe imaging; polarisation studies (anisotropy); spinning
disk confocal; super resolution STORM/ PALM/ SIM; 3D super resolution
PALM/STORM (using cylindrical lenses); and simultaneous phase contrast/ DIC and

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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