Multiple worm tracking with WormLab system

The WormLab from MBF Bioscience
is a system for imaging, tracking, and analysing different worms including C.
elegans, the most studied model organism used in research fields such as
neurodegeneration, genetics, aging, development and toxicology.

The WormLab system comprises of a
user-friendly software interface with a powerful model-specific tracking
algorithm that collects data about a single worm or multiple worms from video files.
The analysis output includes: worm position frame-by-frame, centreline points,
speed, body area, body wavelength, track length, direction, body bending
angles, head bending angle, omega bend detection and reversal detection. The
algorithm analyses virtually any video file type including .avi, .wmv, and

Key features of the WormLab
system include multiple worm tracking from video files; ability to track
selected worms, or all worms in the frame, or worms through entanglements and
overlap at high, medium, or low magnification; advanced worm model with
peristaltic progression movement including elongation; multiple-hypothesis
tracking resulting in improved worm tracking; ability to discriminate between
head and tail using both curvature and motion direction; and selective viewing
of worm outlines, midpoints, tracks, and head/tail markers.

The user can gather data
efficiently and export locomotion data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The built-in
workflow enables simple operation of the system. Video files can be loaded from
a disk or directly from a connected camera with optional camera control. The
system also supports hundreds of different video codecs.

For more information, please
visit the Scitech website
or call (03) 9480 4999.

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