MSR 175 – protect your goods!

electronics, represented in Australia by Sensors Australia, is proud to
announce the new MSR175 high resolution transportation data logger.

The MSR 175
stand alone data logger uses high resolution sensors to continuously record
what happens to your goods during transportation. There are two 3-axis
acceleration sensors integrated in the MSR175 and have working ranges of ±15 g
and ±100 g. They record shocks and jolts at a measurement frequency of up to
5,000 measurements per second. The installed memory of the logger can store
over 2 million measured values, which is sufficient for more than 1,000 shocks.
In addition, the MSR175 data logger measures and records temperature profiles
from -20¡ to +65 ¡C. Additionally, a second version of this data logger is
available with internal humidity, pressure and light sensors.

With the new MSR175 Dashboard software,
preparing the MSR175 for its mission and reading its measured data via USB is
very easy. The data can be analysed and clearly presented in a chart using the
intuitive MSR ShockViewer software. In the process, you can analyse critical
events at a glance and document them conclusively in a report.

Please contact us for further information.

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