MSA unveils Mini angles workholding magnets

Magswitch Mini angles from Magnet Sales Australia are workholding magnets
designed to offer more angles in one product than any other magnetic angles.

Designed to turn on and off with a simple turn of a knob without
batteries or electricity, Magswitch Mini angles are hassle-free, allowing welders
to quickly set up, weld and move on to the next job.

The MSA Magswitch Mini angle tool works for 45°, 90° and 120° angles,
staying clean with no time wasted on clearing metal chips off the square. A
major benefit of the tool is that there is no need to replace the magnet every quarter.
Magswitch workholding tools allow metal chips to fall off easily once the tool
is turned off.

Key advantages delivered by MSA Magswitch Mini angles for welders
include time and money savings through quick and easy set-up, connect and
disconnect; no more tracking on tabs in large sheet weld or pipe jobs; and
effortless welding of objects by easily attaching to flat and round surfaces.

The Magswitch Mini angle is available in Mini, Mini Multi, Mini Multi
with 300 amp ground, and Multi Angle 400 versions. 

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