MSA releases high grade electro lifting magnets

Electromagnetic lifting magnets from Magnet Sales Australia are designed
to lift and transfer heavy iron scrap in scrapyards and ports or process plants.
The new electromagnet lifters are also suitable for moving all types of steel
scrap in steel works and foundries.

Specialising in high grade electro lifting magnets, Magnet Sales
Australia also supplies electro magnets with high temperature tolerances, high
duty cycles and movable magnetic poles.

MSA’s electromagnetic lifting magnets are available in two styles: while
the circular style suits lifting and transfer of steel scrap material, the rectangular
type has a very wide application range.

The electro lifting magnets from Magnet Sales Australia are available in
various sizes and strengths to handle different jobs including lifting and
moving large steel billets, steel plates, round steel, rolled steel, steel wire
coil, or I-beam material among others.

High grade electromagnetic lifting magnets from
Magnet Sales Australia can be designed to discharge steel plates piece by piece
or by several pieces together.

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