Moxa connects smart factories with 360¡ network reliability

Industrial Ethernet solutions from Moxa are enabling 360¡ full-scale
edge-to-core network reliability, allowing companies to sustain factory
communication by maximising uptime and optimising connectivity. With growing
interest in Industrial IoT (Internet of Things), network reliability is being
prioritised by several companies to ensure the integrity of factory control and
automation systems.

The 360¡ network reliability facilitated by Moxa products for sustaining
factory communication is clearly spelled out in a new eight-page Smart Factory
Network Solutions flyer available for download from Moxa’s website.

360¡ Network

Given that factory network infrastructures are built around a wide range
of industrial networking devices, Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions enforce
360¡ network reliability by focussing on device durability, connection
redundancy, and cyber defence capability.

Gary Chang, product manager of Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure
division explains that Moxa’s solutions are designed to keep industrial factory
applications running nonstop by providing millisecond-level network redundancy.
Factors such as high MTBF components, a no-fan/no-heater design, an extreme
operating temperature range, and a high level of EMI/EMS protection account for
the high reliability of Moxa’s products. Noting that 24/7 factory applications
leave no room for risk, he adds that Moxa provides industrial cyber security
solutions designed to prevent network threats across factory cells, zones, and
fields without increasing costs.

SMART Architecture

Moxa combines its comprehensive product portfolio with vertical
expertise to support a SMART network architecture that helps factories fully
utilise cyber-physical systems to increase production and operational
efficiency in both existing and new equipment. Moxa’s SMART network
infrastructure delivers open, self-healing, easy to manage, highly secure and
interoperable Ethernet connectivity for field-level networks, SCADA systems,
and backbone networks to optimise plant-wide communication and operational

Moxa also works with partners located around the globe to provide a one-stop-shop
of industrial Ethernet solutions, including industrial Ethernet switches and
extenders, industrial secure routers, industrial Ethernet gateways, serial
device servers, industrial wireless solutions, smart I/O solutions and
controllers, in addition to an automation-friendly network management suite that
implements reliable IP communications infrastructures for factory automation.

Moxa’s SMART network
architecture can be applied to all aspects of facility management and control
automation systems, including environmental monitoring, legacy network
integration, material handling, and process automation. 

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