Motion plastics in surf machines keeping people fit on land

For the designers of Surf Evolution, the metallic
bearings proved to be too maintenance-intensive and too expensive in their
novel surf machines. Looking for an alternative, they quickly came across the
motion plastics from igus. The design engineers were thrilled because the
retrofitting significantly reduced the maintenance and saved 70 per cent in

Among surfers, Brazil is no longer an insider tip.
Endless sandy beaches and a multitude of wave formations and bays attract
enthusiastic surfers to the numerous beaches and coves, where they plunge into
the waves. The Surf Evolution shows that you do not always need water for
surfing. The Brazilian company is developing fitness training equipment that
simulates the movements of the surf board. Since surfing is an effective total
body workout in which a variety of muscles are trained, this training equipment
also benefits non-surfers from the effective workout. Twenty different
exercises can be completed in just two square metres of space. The app provides
support, giving the customer valuable training tips.

To realistically simulate the complex movements of
surfing, the company is now completely relying on the advantages of iglidur’s
high-performance polymers. Optimised for friction and wear, igus’ tribo-polymers
fulfil their expectations, especially in terms of cost and maintenance

In the first version, the developers still relied on
metallic bearings. However, it soon turned out that the cost of the components
was too high and, above all, the maintenance of the many bearing points was too
time-consuming. Therefore, the training equipment was redesigned and the
bearing technology was systematically replaced. The numerous bearing points are
now equipped with iglidur plain bearings. The load setting now uses
lubrication-free and maintenance-free drylin lead screws. Smooth movements of
the board – forward and backward – are ensured by the drylin W linear guides.
This not only enabled improved maintenance, but also cost savings of 70 per

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

The following video offers an overview of the
various training options:

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