Monitoring corona discharge in manufacturing to prevent costly downtime

Manufacturing facilities are power-intensive environments with exceptional
amounts of electrical power required to run various operations. Consequently, tens
of thousands of volts pass through conductors at any given moment, making them vulnerable
to corona discharge.

Under normal atmospheric conditions, the large amount of volts passing
through conductors cause air molecules to be ionised, leading to the release of
electrons and anions. With the energy gained from the electric field, the
electrons revert to their original stable state. This results in energy being released
in the form of light, audible noise, and acids, collectively known as corona

Corona discharge can trigger many modes of degradation including erosion
and decomposition of insulators, as well as loss of energy. Repairs will need
to be carried out on conductors exposed to this degradation caused by corona
discharge, a process that may require new parts that are not always readily

A reliable flow of electricity is fundamental to the continued operation
of industries in the manufacturing field. Downtime as a result of corona
degradation could cause catastrophic repercussions for companies. Production
disruptions caused by partial outages may lead to shutdowns, costing companies thousands,
sometimes millions of dollars. 

The only way to avoid such costly and dangerous outcomes is to
continuously monitor corona discharge. Proactive measures must be taken to ensure
corona discharge is discovered early and attended to before major faults occur.

The UVollŽ-VX corona camera from Ofil Systems is the ideal solution for
accurately identifying and monitoring corona discharge at medium to high
voltage usage sites. The UVollŽ-VX enables the user to perform preventative
maintenance by detecting, testing, recording, and displaying both corona and
partial discharge.

The integrated DayCor technology allows the UVollŽ-VX to provide a
non-intrusive method to accurately and reliably obtain data and perform
compliance assessments. The camera reveals the severity of corona discharge, being
presented as a count of the captured UV events per time unit. This enables
users to carry out repairs before the occurrence of major faults, avoiding
costly high voltage breakdowns and outage times.

To watch a video demonstrating how to use the UVollŽ-VX, click here.

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