Modular angle seat valve minimising complexity in process applications

The VZXA from Festo is a modular and highly adaptable
angle seat valve series suitable for process applications across diverse

With its award-winning modular product architecture and
patented interface, the VZXA enables users to freely combine a broad range of
valve bodies and actuators for maximum configuration flexibility. The valve’s
application versatility enables engineers designing process applications across
industries such as food and beverage, chemical, biopharma and industrial water to
use the VZXA for tasks involving highly viscous media, liquids, gases and

The VZXA angle seat valves consist of an angle seat
valve body, a piston or diaphragm actuator and a visual position indicator.

Key features include a robust, flow-optimised valve body
made of easy-to-clean stainless steel and available in sizes from DN13 (1/2″)
to DN65 (2_Ó); connection variants comprising of threaded, clamped or welded
with the control functions NC (normally closed), NO (normally open) and DA
(double-acting); maximum operating pressure up to 30 bar, depending on the
nominal size; and large transparent position indicator cap made of
polyethersulfone (PES) allowing use in chemically aggressive environments.

Installation is simplified thanks to the standardised interface between modules,
which allows actuators to be replaced without having to remove the entire
valve. Separation of valve bodies and actuators also speeds up installation of
valves in pipelines. The spindle seal in the form of a cartridge, allows simple
replacement without the need for special tools.

The VZXA delivers multiple benefits to the application including a modular
product architecture allowing different valve bodies and actuators to be
combined for easy integration; self-contained, function-tested modules simplifying
system maintenance, modification or expansion, also making the valve well
suited for designing customised valve blocks; absence of dead spaces enabling
quick and easy cleaning; and modular construction allowing the actuator to be
easily removed and sterilised in an autoclave.

The compact, sturdy and corrosion-resistant stainless
steel unit can also withstand harsh ambient conditions, aggressive cleaning
foams or steam. The encapsulated modules and patented seal system prevent
leakage of the operating medium into the actuator, or the compressed air
contaminating the medium.

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